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Business Consulting services in Romania offers an extensive range of additional services intended to help run efficiently and to optimize your business in Romania. Through our partners based all over Romania we can offer exposure to financial, legal and accounting services.

Other offers include: exposure to capital markets, banking, energy investments, telecommunications, facilitating services and many more.

We are happy to announce a new service to all our existing and prospective clients. From 28th October we will offer the investment consultancy service which will be available to maximise your investment returns with our offers.

In s imple terms , if you subscribe to our service you will receive regular alerts about potential offers and opportunities on the Romanian market. They include for example alerts about when to buy or sell EUR against RON, as some of you have to make regular monthly payments. Here is taster.

We have in fact predicted the last week sharp rise and subsequent fall in the EUR/RON rate. Had you follow our advice you could have made a nice 20% return in only 5 days! There are many more opportunities available such as the one coming next week. If interested in taking advantage in those just return an e-mail so that we will send you the subscription details.

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Profit alert: 20% return in 5 days!