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Full due diligence is carried out on all prospective and selected projects in whichever way is deemed appropriate. This may include extensive research and analysis, market comparisons and on-site inspections, and ensures all projects presented to investors have undergone a robust selection process. Property values can fall as well as rise.

Information provided in this document is given without warranty of any kind. The material contained within this document has been prepared for information purposes only. Figures relating to prices, capital appreciations, rents and yields are projections only and not guarantees. Information contained herein is believed to be correct, but cannot be guaranteed. In case of queries or doubt you should consult your own independent investment adviser. No personal recommendation is being made to you and the past is not necessarily a guide to the future.

To the best knowledge of any officer or person connected with RomanianDeals, all reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the information disclosed in any documentation from RomanianDeals is accurate. Nonetheless, any such information is based upon an assessment and interpretation by RomanianDeals or a representative or person connected with RomanianDeals, and the investor must make his or her own enquiries. No representations are given that any statements, views, projections or forecasts are without errors. They merely represent a general picture of the various investment markets and the information given is for guidance only. Investors must determine for themselves what reliance they should place on such information.

If you wish to find out how to invest you must contact one of RomanianDeals'investment consultants on 0040730031441, who will give you the relevant professional assessment. Please note that the value of your investment is not guaranteed (unless specifically described as such) and it can go up as well as down. The value of the rental income described may not always match that predicted.

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