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Romania guide

Romania, immortalised in print in Bram Stoker's Count Dracula as a land of Gothic castles and windswept mountains, is currently undergoing something of a renaissance, enjoying economic growth, long-term investment and finally accession to the EU on 1st January 2007.

The architecture of the capital city Bucharest may seem familiar to many, as the city was redesigned by French architects in the nineteenth century. Later, Ceausescu commissioned his own version of the Champs Elysees, leading the city being dubbed the "Paris of the Balkans".

However, one of Romania's best kept secrets is the 95 miles of coastline which forms the Black Sea Coast, offering sandy beaches and lined with a string of resorts offering a wide choice of attractions at exceptionally reasonable prices. In particular Costinesti is the rising star of the Romanian coast offering tremendously high growth rates for capital appreciation which is our preffred choice for development over the next couple of years.

Fast country facts

Population 22,550,551
Dimension 237,500 sq km
Capital Bucharest
Currency Leu (RON)
Internet TLD .ro
Religon Christian
National day 1 December
Climate Temperate

Driving in Romania

Driving in Romania is very good on high speed lanes and motorways but it can be precarious on many of the smaller roads since not all of them were very well maintained. Also do no be surprised if a proportion of the traffic on the smaller road consists of horse and cart.

Driving is on the right and overtaking happens on the left. You should always give way to traffic when entering a round about. Your national driving licence will suffice for Romania. The following laws apply in Romania:

  • Seatbelts are required
  • Drink driving is strictly prohibited, there is a zero limit.
  • In case of any accidents you should wait by the side for the police to fill their report.
  • Police are empowered to levy on the spot fines.
  • Green card insurance required if you are bringing your own vehicle, this can be purchased at the border.

Petrol and Diesel is available in all major towns and cities. Lead free (Fara Plumb) is becoming widely available. Diesel (Motorina) is available at most stations. GPL is also quite popular in Romania.

Caution should be taken when driving on country lanes and in villages as there are a number of horse and carts and in addition livestock can be frequently found on the roads. For the same reason it is also advisable not to drive at night. Romanians tend to drive in the middle of the roads to avoid debris and uneven verges.

The number for the car recovery assistance ACR (Romanian automobile club) Tel 021 650 2595, 01 611 0408. Also very useful is Dacia car assistance at 0500.

Car Hire in Romania

Major car rental firms such as Hertz, Avis, Europcar, etc have outlets at all international airport and major hotels as well as town offices.

You must ensure that you take your passport and driving licence with you. It is worth contacting the car hire firm prior to travel, to not only book a car, but also to check that you will have on you all the necessary documents they require, and also to ensure that you meet the requirements that they require for you to hire a vehicle. The range o cars available is huge, one can find something for every taste and need.