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Trip to Romania

Prepare for the visit

Use this viewing trip check list to help you prepare.
Passports required when signing any documents, even car hire
Driving licence acts as additional ID.
Property details to check when viewing and to remind you after the event
Notebook and pen
Tape measure (try a cheap laser one)
Camera/video recorder
Sturdy shoes you may be visiting building sites
Credit and debit cards
Mobile telephone to keep in touch with key people when abroad
Telephone numbers of:
Overseas Property Centre advisor
Your legal advisor
Your financial/mortgage advisor
Travel insurance contact numbers
Your credit card emergency number
Any other important numbers
A phrasebook just in case

While you are on the visit in Romania

Use your time on the trip to give yourself the best chance of coming home having made a decision to buy the right property for you.
Take plenty of photos whilst you're there
Make notes of what you like and dislike.
Be honest about the properties you are being shown if you're too polite you will not end up seeing what you want
Explain what your budget is and where there is flexibility
Ask whether your fittings and finishes will be the same as the show-home. Ask at the time if you can change them
Try not to see more than 5/6 properties in one day, otherwise you'll never remember what you've seen
Just because a property has been reserved by someone does not mean all is lost - you can get onto a waiting list if it becomes available again
Make sure you have time to yourselves so that you can look around the area.
Visit the town at different times of day to get the full picture of life
Get as much local information as possible from the sales advisor local shops, doctors, hospitals, activities such as golf etc. Use the local amenities form to help you
Check what payments will be due from you and when, as well as when the property is due to be completed
Get a schedule of all costs such as notary fees, local taxes, service charges etc.
Remember to take legal advice before signing a contract. If you do decide to purchase a property you should only be required to pay a reservation deposit and to sign a reservation agreement.

When you come back from Romania

Whether you have decided to purchase or you have not found what you want this time discuss your needs with your Romanian Deals advisor
If you have decided to buy a property on your viewing trip now is the time to finalise the arrangements to complete the purchase.
If you have not yet decided to buy a property take time to go over your notes and photos discuss the properties you have seen
Go through the pluses and negatives of each property
Do any of the properties you have seen met your objectives?
Do you need further information to help you decide If you have not seen a property that you want to buy this time review the reasons why - there is always another time to make that right purchase
Wrong location
Right place, wrong property
Review budget and expectations

Remember to discuss your requirements with your personal Romanian Deals advisor