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Viewing trips in Romania FREE

Your Property Viewing Trip with Romanian Deals

FREE Viewing Tours with Romanian Deals if you reserve in any of our offers!

At Romanian Deals we work hard to ensure you gain all the knowledge that you need. We designed all tours to live up to our core values of straightforward, safe and personal.

Your itinerary is designed to strike the right balance between property viewings, getting to know the area and thinking time, your host is with you on a one to one basis to answer your questions and make certain you stay safe in your purchase decision.

Booking your viewing tour is straightforward, simply let us know when it is convenient for you and our staff will organise the itinerary that suits you, which will be explained in detail when receive your own personalised viewing tour folder. Enquire now, see Viewing Tour Enquiry Form. To book your property viewing tour simply call us now 0040 730031441 or just fill in the Viewing Tour Enquiry Form.

Viewing Appointments

If you are making your own arrangements to visit an area in Romania and would like to arrange to view properties we will be happy to make the necessary appointments for you. Simply call us now on 0040 730031441.

Your own personal advisor from Romanian Deals

We accompany many of our clients on viewing trips to make sure everything goes smoothly and that you have an experienced advisor at your side to act as sounding board and answer the many questions that are bound to come up during your visit. When booking your visit our staff will ask you if you would one of our advisors to accompany you.

We can assist you starting from the airport arrival, room bookings and accommodation in Bucharest and continuing with the meetings to discuss and arrange the trips. Our expert staff will enjoy being a guide on your trip, making presentations in all major points along the trip and answering your questions.

Rent before you Buy why not combine a stay in a property and view similar properties for sale. To book a property viewing tour simply Call us now on 0040 730031441.

See it to believe it

There is nothing like seeing for yourself the property you are thinking about buying. The trip is a great opportunity to get a feel for the location and to how you can get the most out of your property to suit your lifestyle. With limited free time it is worth setting aside some times in advance when you can make a viewing trip. This can save problems when that right property comes up at short notice.

Plan who you want to accompany you and check their availability, typically it may be family but sometimes a close friend can be invaluable.

Work out what the "must have" are in advance. What is really important to you about the property you want to buy, so you know what to look for when you are there. You will find below a brief summary of the viewing / inspections trips organised by Romanian Deals in Romania.

Package 1: Bucharest - 2 days*. Cost: €150 (flights not included)

Package 2: Bucharest + Brasov city and county 2-3-4 days*. Cost: €150-€295 (flights not included)

Package 3: Black Sea Coast + Bucharest 2-3 days*. Cost: €250 (flights not included)

Package 4: Black Sea Coast + Bucharest + Brasov 2-3-4 days*. Cost: €350 (flights not included)


* The package is FREE (including accommodation) if you make a reservation with us during your stay.

- The above costs are for indicative purposes only and include a return flight, transport to your hotel(s), and accommodation(s).

- Depending on the properties / areas you wish to view, we are happy to customise your trip.

- The properties can generally be viewed from Monday to Saturday.

Are you interested in a viewing trip to Romania? We will not sell, transfer or otherwise provide your e-mail address or name or any other information regarding you to any third party.

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